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WCA - Banff Canyoning

The guides

At Banff Canyoning, our guides are the heart and soul of our adventures.

We take immense pride in our team of experienced and passionate professionals who ensure every canyoning experience is safe, thrilling, and unforgettable.

We’re especially proud of the growing number of talented women who are joining our team, bringing their unique skills and perspectives to the world of canyoning.

Meet the people who make our adventures extraordinary!

Guillaume Coupier

Founder & Director

Coming from France where Canyoning is already quite popular, he fell in love with this beautiful playground that is the Canadian Rockies. He is the founder and director of WCA.

He is ACA and CGI pro guide, Rescue Canada Swift water technician level 3, advanced first aider and rope access technician.

John-Paul Kors

Retired Avalanche Forecaster

He has been invested in this venture since the beginning and allowed this company to exist by being a mentor for the owner.

He is Rescue Canada Swiftwater Instructor, ACA Pro Guide, advanced First Aider, retired Mountain Rescue Technician (25 years), and retired Avalanche Forecaster (15 years).

Matthew Arnold

Okanagan Lead Guide

Matt is our lead guide in the Okanagan. Before starting working with us to develop this new Canyoning hub for Canada, he guided Caving for 4 years on Vancouver Island, snowmobiling for 3 years in Revelstoke, and was ski patrolling/avalanche technician at Sunpeak for 5 years.

Irene Hervas

She does everything!

Since 2021, she’s been rocking our social media game like a pro, teaching herself the ropes along the way. From photography to marketing, she’s been a driving force, and she’s now taken charge of our bookings for the past month

Nathan Casperson

Passionate Guide

Born and raised in the Okanagan, Nathan discovered adventure sports 5 years ago through climbing and has slowly been gaining more and more experience in the mountains. Their love for travel and adventure got them into canyoning a year ago and they are hoping to pass their full guide cert this summer. Nathan is truly passionate about helping others explore and discover the outdoors, through guiding as well as recreational trips.

Olivia Brady

Passionate Guide

Born and raised in Australia, Olivia has been canyoning in Australia for the past seven years. Last year, she left her nursing job in Australia and moved to Canada. Once in Canada, she reached out to us, and a few months after her arrival, she became an assistant guide for the 2023 season. Now, she is preparing to pass her full guide assessment this July.

Joan Lopez

Passionate Guide

Born and raised in Mallorca, Spain Joan discovered Climbing when he was 16 years old, and canyoning at 30 years old. After a few years living in Canada he met Guillaume, the founder of Western Canyoning Adventure, and Joan has been involved in the company ever since and he has recently become a Pro-Guide with the ACA. Joan loves nature and guiding, if you are lucky enough to have him as a guide do not forget to say Hola!

Robyn Solland

Passionate Guide

Katie Graham

Passionate Guide

Tanner Ellingboe

Passionate Guide

Other team members

Kyle Singbeil

He started coming on trips to shoot in the canyons in 2018 and became our official photographer. You can book a trip with him in order to get professional shots of your adventure. He is currently working on his skills to become an assistant guide for the 2021 season.

Become a guide

We are currently looking for guides for next season! 

If you are already a Canyoning guide please send us your resume and we will contact you as soon as we can.

If you are not a guide but think this is a job for you, we can already start to prepare you for that, sooner the better!

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