Private tour

We can do it all! Just ask!
Western Canyoning Adventure is all across western Canada and if not we know the right people. We are passionate who want to make you live the best experience ever. 

Multi adventure day(s)

We work with other disciplines qualified guides and love all other outdoor sport. We can prepare the dream day or multiday holiday!

Lovers package

Want to offer something special.

Travel guiding

As professional guides, we know other guides in the whole world and travel ourselves to discover canyons in Canada but anywhere else in the world. We can help build your canyoning trips all across Canada, US, Latin America, Europe, and elsewhere in the world and if you really liked our guides we can organise a trip with him/her. We don’t have to be specific canyoning.

Anything different ?

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new today!

Coming on a trip with us is a guarantee that you will do something you’ve never done before or would have ever expected to do!